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Welcome to the Missions2Ukraine Booklet & Tract Page, where here you can find various booklets, tracts and "info-brochures" in Russian which we've developed for use here in Ukraine and other Russian-speaking countries. Some of these articles or booklets are from nearly 200 years ago! All files are in Adobe PDF format. You are welcome to download, print, and distribute or even post on your website provided that appropriate acknowledgements are given. If you have any questions, please contact us.

"Biographies of Bible Heroes" by Missionary John O'Brien (Posted April 08)

"Pretribulational Rapture" by Evangelist David Cloud (Posted April 08)

"Eternal Security According to the Bible" by Evangelist David Cloud (Posted April 08)

"In Christ" by A.J. Gordon (1872) [PART 1]     (Posted 09/21/04)

"Crucified in Christ" by A.J. Gordon (1872) [PART 2]     (Posted April 08)

"Resurrected In Christ" by A.J. Gordon (1872) [PART 3]     (Posted April 08)

"Doctrine of the Trinity" by Ed DeVries, evangelist (Posted April 08)

"Abomination of Abortion" by Pastor Michael D O'Neal (Posted April 08)

"Abrahamic Covenant" (Posted April 08)

"Doubleminded Women" by Mrs Patty Williams - Hephzibah House (Posted April 08)

"Women Preachers" by Evangelist David Cloud (Posted April 08)

"Duties of Parents" by John C Ryle, Bishop of Liverpool (1816-1900) (Posted March 08)

"Church Etiquette" by Missionary Bob VanSant (Posted March 08)

"God or Mammon?" by Pastor James Knox (Posted March 08)

"Biblical Fasting" by Evangelist David Cloud (Posted March 08)

"Stewards" by Pastor James Knox (Posted March 08)

"None but the Hungry Heart A4 format" by Miles J. Stanford (Positional Truth daily devotional) (Posted June 06)

"None but the Hungry Heart" by Miles J. Stanford (Positional Truth daily devotional) (Posted June 06)

"Ministry of Reproof" by Evangelist David Cloud (1998)     (Posted 06/02/05)

"Deacons: Servants or Rulers?" by Evangelist David Cloud (1986)     (Posted 06/02/05)

"Messianic Passover Seder Haggadah" by Rabbi Rick Pustelniak      (Posted 06/02/05)

"World of Small Groups" by Dr James Singleton      (Posted 06/02/05)

"Sins of the Tongue" by James Melton      (Posted 06/02/05)

"The Christian & War" by Dr Robert Moyer (1946)      (Posted 06/02/05)

"Advantages of Adversity" by Missionary Paul Friederichsen (1944)      (Posted 09/01/04)

"Liberty and Fun" by Evangelist David Cloud      (Posted 09/01/04)

"Is it Right to Judge?" by Franklin Huling (cir 1950)      (Posted 09/01/04)

"Come to Jesus" by Pastor Newman Hall (1816-1902)      (Posted 06/25/04)

"Study the Bible Dispensationally" by Evangelist David Cloud (Edited Version)      (Posted 06/25/04)

"Tract: Believer's Eternal Security (A4)"      (Posted 02/04/04)

"Tract: Believer's Eternal Security (US 8.5x11)"      (Posted 02/04/04)

"The Bible and Wine" by Dr Bruce Lackey      (Posted 01/06/04)

"Daily Bible Reading Schedule" by M'Cheyne 1842      (Posted 01/02/04)

"New Testament Survey" by Pastor James Knox      (Posted 12/10/03)

"Firm Foundations: Creation to Christ (student workbook)" by Missionary Trevor McLLwain     (Posted 11/25/03)

"Does Salvation Really Make a Difference?" by Evangelist David Cloud     (Posted 11/06/03)

"Am I saved or Lost?" by Pastor Bill Hohenstreet     (Posted 11/05/03)

"The Gospel Message" by Evangelist James Stewart     (UPDATED 11/06)

"Signs of His Coming" by Dennis Costella     (Posted 10/27/03)

"Believer's Unsearchable Riches in Christ" by Dr. Lewis Sperry Chafer     (Posted 10/03)

"Seven Keys to Fruitful Church Membership" by Evangelist David Cloud     (Updated 11/12/03)

"Seven Keys to Fruitful Church Membership (Ukrainian) " by Evangelist David Cloud    

"Baptist Martyrs" compiled by Evangelist David Cloud     (Posted 10/03)

"Believer's Baptism" by Pastor Thomas Ward     (Posted 10/03)

"Debt" by Pastor James Knox    (Posted 10/03)

"Baptism of the Holy Spirit" by Pastor James Knox    (Posted 10/03)

"Religious Questions" by Pastor James Knox     (Posted 10/03)

"How to Pray for Salvation" by Dr. Bruce Lackey     (Posted 10/03)

"Melchizedek" by Missionary John O'Brien    (Posted 10/03)

"Should a Christian Woman Wear Pants" by Missionary Les Potter    (Posted 10/03)

"Basic Bible Doctrines (A4 format)" by Evangelist Stinnett Ballew    (UPDATED 11-20)

"Basic Bible Doctrines (US 8.5x11)" by Evangelist Stinnett Ballew    (UPDATED 11-20)

"Eternally Secure: 7 Bible Lessons for New Believers"by Missionary Mike Sullivan     (Posted 10/03

"10 Basic Bible Lessons" from Pastor Frank Snyder     (Posted 10/03)

"Holy Women" by Pastor James Knox    (On Bro Knox's website)

"Chronological Gospel Presentation" from Missionary Don Ossewaarde (excellent for deaf or personal evangelism)     (Posted 10/03)

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